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QTU and Labor Government exposed in fallout from nefarious education bill

16th April 2024 - Media Release

The Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) and Labor State Government have again prioritised themselves in an election year at the expense of our education system.

The Education (General Provisions) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024 has been proven to be nothing but a ploy by the QTU and State Government to reinforce our dysfunctional education system.

The Teachers’ Professional Association of Queensland (TPAQ) has consistently condemned their latest nefarious attempt to further centralise our education system.

On 25th March 2023, the TPAQ made a public submission on behalf of their members opposing the changes to SDA and SSP processes. In addition to this, the TPAQ vehemently opposed the racial discrimination and radical gender theory that is also included in the bill.

On 4th April 2024, TPAQ Secretary Edward Schuller appeared before Queensland Parliament to reject the proposed measures and express the overwhelming outrage at the state of our education system.

“Make no mistake, this is yet another deliberate attack on education designed to reinforce a dysfunctional schooling system that is failing students, parents and teachers.”

“In fact, the only beneficiaries of this system are the Labor Party, and its philosophical arm, the Queensland Teachers Union (QTU). This bill was designed and directed by these two political organisations who constantly scheme to promote themselves at the expense of quality education in Queensland.”

Upon news breaking yesterday that the Labor Government won’t go forward with some of the proposed changes, Mr Schuller says that teachers aren’t falling for the QTU’s ruse.

“People are starting to realise that this has been a carefully constructed strategy all along. The QTU helped draft the very bill they now claim to oppose. Teachers just aren’t buying it anymore.”

Mr. Schuller revealed that the TPAQ has experienced record growth in the weeks following their submission and appearance on this education bill, with the largest increase coming from former QTU members.

“We will continue to fight to radically reform our education system. Schools must be run at a local level where principals have autonomy, and teachers are accountable to parents and their local community.”