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Queensland Teacher Shortages

Tracy Tully, TPAQ Secretary speaks with Adam Stephen on ABC Drive about the current teacher shortages and the impact on...

5 min read

Welcome TPAQ Branch Secretaries


5 min read

Feeding teachers brains

Teaching is a cognitively complex profession. In the course of a single school day, an educator must make hundreds of...

2 min read

Professional Development Tips & Tricks


Continuing professional development (CPD), as well as being a requirement for registration provides teachers with a...

3 min read

Returning Safely to the Classroom

As everyone settles into Term 1 it’s important to revisit the following precautions to reduce the spread of Covid-19:

2 min read

Employee Assistance Programs by State

Teaching can feel like you're on a never ending rollercoaster ride, so be sure to practice lots of self care and...

1 min read

Red Union Fights for workers Rights

Red Union Fights for The Right for Risk to be Assessed Rationally and Workers to be Genuinely Consulted on Mandates.


3 min read

EB10 Negotiations

As we conclude 2021, it’s timely to review the integral issues our members have shared with us. It’s no surprise that...

3 min read

Financial stress

Tips to deal with the health impacts of financial stress

If financial stress is impacting your health and...

2 min read

Permanent positions for long term casual teachers

Teachers are being left on temporary employment contracts for up to two decades, leading to a torrent of people...

2 min read

Are Teachers' Careers at Risk?

A recent study into Australian teachers highlighted some of the reasons teachers are walking out on our profession.


1 min read

Teaching in Queensland

When applying to commence work as a teacher in QLD here are the things that will help you land the position you are...

1 min read

Why are QLD Teachers Leaving QTU?

Queensland Teachers’ Union member quits over ‘progressive’ agenda.

On 14 November 2020 Des Houghton from The Courier...

1 min read

Support for teachers with proposed year 1 phonics

Earlier this year the Courier Mail reported that Queensland Year 1 students may potentially be assessed by their...

2 min read

Are you safe in the classroom?

Teachers everywhere are experiencing fear and anxiety about an increased risk of catching COVID-19 in the classroom.


3 min read

TPAQ members dealing with negative comments

We have certainly had our fair share of criticism since launching 9 months ago.  Some of our members have also...

2 min read

Changes to Blue Card requirements

The changes to the blue card system started on 31 August 2020. These changes affect applicants, card holders and...

2 min read

Protection for Teachers reporting suspected child abuse

For some years in Queensland, teacher’ obligations in relation to reporting abuse of children were set out under the ...

1 min read

Pandemic Leave

What leave entitlements do you have available should you or a member of your family test positive for CORONA-19? 


2 min read

A new voice for class teachers

The Australian published the following article on 30 Dec 2019:

Australian education could benefit from a shake-up of...

TPAQ on ABC Radio Brisbane


Rebecca Levingston presenter of Mornings on ABC Radio Brisbane speaks with TPAQ's State Secretary Jack McGuire about...

Why our schools need to declutter

Published in the Sunday Mail on 15 December 2019

2 min read

New union offers Qld teachers an alternative

Domanii Cameron, state political reporter, The Courier-Mail, 11 December 2019:

First it was nurses, now another...

1 min read

Education has gone backwards

The 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report showed Australia's education has gone backwards...


Sky News with Hardgrave - New Teachers Union for QLD

TPAQ's State Secretary Jack McGuire spoke to Sky News host Gary Hardgrave about our newly formed trade union for teachers. Jack explains why we are different.


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