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Case Win: Defending Teachers Across Australia

Ways to Resolve Bullying IN EDUCATION

Teaching in today's educational landscape is no easy feat, with educators often grappling with a multitude of administrative tasks and managing disruptive student behaviour. However, the added burden of bullying from colleagues only compounds the difficulties.
Unfortunately, instances of such behaviour have become increasingly prevalent, as was the case for Daniel, a teacher member of the Western Australia branch of TPAA.  

Daniel's situation began with an unexpected meeting, called under false pretences to discuss his performance. To his surprise, he was met with unfounded accusations from colleagues, without any prior warnings or opportunities for improvement.
Feeling unjustly targeted and unsure of how to proceed, Daniel reached out to TPAA for assistance.

TPAA quickly assigned Daniel a case manager, who helped navigate the situation and advocate on his behalf. Together, they arranged a meeting with Daniel's employer to address the issues at hand. Through open communication and a focus on finding a fair resolution, it was agreed that Daniel would be relocated to a different department.

How is the TPAA so effective in defending members during workplace issues and disputes? Our experienced and professional case managers use our unique RED TM case resolution system.

Why is the TPAA different? We believe that real change in education STARTS with empowering frontline teachers, not bureaucrats. 

The name of the member in this article has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

If you are a member of TPAA and need assistance with a workplace issue, please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us on 1300 252 777 - hotline@tpaa.asn.au 

To find out more about TPAA and become protected today visit: https://tpaa.redunion.com.au/join

The name of the member in this article has been changed for confidentiality reasons.