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TPAQ Case Win #1317 $40,000 WIN - Redundancy Pay-out Secured

TPAA (3)

A teacher member had their employment left in limbo, having been suspended without pay for a number of months with no update in sight, they contacted TPAQ for assistance so they could find a resolution and move forward in their career.

A case manager wrote to the employer requesting that the affected member be either permitted to continue working or be offered redundancy.

The lead HR consultant met with both the member and case manager to discuss concerns without prejudice. During the meeting, the proposal of a redundancy deed was put forward as a solution.

Initially, the member was offered a redundancy deed which included 3 weeks of pay plus an additional 5 weeks in lieu pay. However, the member rejected this offer and instead we requested the maximum of 3 months pay plus an additional 5 weeks in lieu pay.

After some negotiation it was agreed that this would be the final offer. Elated, the member signed the redundancy deed, content to have the matter settled with a very positive outcome.

If you are a member of TPAQ and need assistance with a suspension please submit a member support ticket on your dashboard, or contact us on 1300 252 777 - hotline@tpaq.com.au

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