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Close School Polling Booths Petition


QLD Teachers' petition to QLD Premier - close school polling booths


QLD Teachers' petition to QLD Premier - close school polling booths

Dear Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk,

You would be aware that Queensland is having its local Government elections this Saturday. Why?

TPAQ was the first union to call for the closure of schools: here

We are calling on the Government to delay council elections or at the very least close school polling booths this Saturday.

Annastacia Palaszczuk and Stirling Hinchcliff are expecting thousands of Queenslanders to traipse through schools. Statistically, it is almost inevitable that schools will become viral hotspots.

Cleaners will not have the ability to sufficiently clean schools before school resumes Monday. 

Think not only of Queenslanders but of our teachers who are being asked to work in these schools.

This is madness. Anthony Albanese correctly pointed to ambiguity in messaging and measures. What the hell is this?

Please show some humanity and common sense. Delay the election. 


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