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TPAQ is run by teachers, not union officials. Zero party politics means lower fees and complete focus on achieving meaningful outcomes for our members. We cover Australia wide!
Members save ~50% on fees compared to other unions, without sacrificing protection or peace-of-mind.


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TPAQ is run by teachers, not union officials

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Membership fees are up to 50% lower than the IEU and QTU

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The Teachers' Professional Association of Queensland is a member-based employee organisation (trade union). In QLD, under the Industrial Relations Act 2016, we are referred to as an industrial association. Under the Fair Work Act 2009, we are referred to as an industrial association just the same as the QTU and IEU.
We fight to protect you, not promote a political party. Run by teachers for teachers. Every membership dollar supports you, your workplace issues, provides professional indemnity insurance and legal backup for you. You get a better service for the true cost of providing the services.



A Proud Red Union

TPAQ is proudly supported by Red Union Group. Red Union Group is the umbrella organisation that supports nurses, teachers, doctors, police officers, transport workers and miscellaneous workers all across Australia.

By joining a Red Union, you will be joining a group of workers over 17,000 strong!

By using your referral code to refer a friend to a Red Union, you will receive a discount on your next membership payment. See what unions you can refer a friend to here.

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Testimonials From Members

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I had some issues related to class observation procedures and I contacted TPAQ. They were extremely fast at getting in touch with me and Tracy, the union representative I was assigned, was really very helpful and competent. She also called me to discuss the issues and we decided the best strategy to tackle the issue. We exchanged emails and she got back to me with useful information. I am extremely grateful for her fast, competent and supportive assistance. Great service, and very committed staff. Thank you, Tracy :-)
Ornella R
The support officer was understanding of my situation and was able to offer personal and professional support of the highest level. She was able to direct me to additional services that resulted in a fair and positive result to my concern.
How wonderful is Kathleen Campbell! "Simply the best, better than all the rest" She has had to advise me on two separate occasions and she is exceptional to say the least. She is honest, fair and knows her "stuff". And she tells it as it is in presentation that one can understand. The facts, the faults and probable outcome. Also to sit up straight and don't fidget (a lot to keep in mind when you are up against a panel!) Oh! do not chew gum! The brochures you sent me are all over the desk and hopefully being filled out by my colleagues. I love her to bits. Thank you form a very grateful member.
Sandy K. CN


Come join our fortnightly zooms held on Fridays at 10:00 AM AEST, starting on March 18, to find out more about what we do and who we are!

All are welcome to come along and ask questions!

Check out our socials on Facebook for attendance details, or simply register your attendance below to receive an invite.


The Teachers' Professional Association of Queensland (TPAQ) - ABN 93 587 935 271 is an industrial association of employees, whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment. We are a non-party political alternative to the QTU and the IEU. Our membership fees are lower and reflective of costs rather than your salary. We provide all the same services, plus Professional Indemnity Insurance.