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Queensland IR Bill Second Reading - Who Supports Red Union and Who Doesn't

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Last night, the Industrial Relations and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (aka the "Get Red Union Bill") was introduced for a second reading.
The ALP, led by Grace Grace MP spoke in support of the corrupt Bill which attempts to limit the rights of workers to choose which industrial organisation represents them.
Although we were subject to many ALP attacks, there were many speakers who spoke against the Bill in support of YOU and your right to choose, these include:
Jarrod Bleijie MP, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (LNP)
 "The real money at stake is the 120,000 nurses and teachers who are threatening to join a cheaper union: 120,000 times $400 is $48 million per annum, and that is the crux of this. [...] Members are fleeing the QNMU and the Queensland Teachers’ Union in droves because they know they can get better service from other organisations like NPAQ and TPAQ—"
David Crisafulli MP, Leader of the Opposition (LNP)
"No-one will be able to explain why somebody having a choice to embark on a similar experience with a multitude of different people representing them is in any way, shape or form wrong or why it matters who represents a worker in the QIRC. No member will be capable of doing that, because the minister was not able to, and I suspect it will be difficult for anyone else because, in the end, choice is something we should all get out of bed for every day. We should give every worker in this state that option."
James Lister MP, Member for Southern Downs (LNP) 
"The members of the red unions who met outside this place told me that they were leaving the Labor-donating unions, because they were not being listened to. They felt that there had been some sort of deal struck between the union and their employer that would prevent them from representing them fully and without reservation."
Nick Dametto MP, Member for Hinchinbrook (KAP)
"...Gough Whitlam had a vision for Australia’s workers to have the freedom of trade unions of choice. He believed in workers’ rights to organise into a union without interference from government. To enshrine these rights, he ratified industrial labour conventions into Australian law and now these rights are under attack. The people that those opposite put on a pedestal fought for this and now legislation will pass through this House over the next two days that is going to pull that to pieces."
Mark Boothman MP, Member for Theodore (LNP)
"We talk about the rights of the individual. A worker has the right to join a professional organisation that will best represent them. In recent years we have seen a massive flood of people moving away from the Labor aligned unions to these independent professional associations because they want choice. All they want is choice."
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You may read the full parliamentary transcript here.
Debate continues today, and more speakers will come out in support of Red Union.
We expect that this Bill will be backed exclusively by Labor Party politicians, and will be opposed by the LNP, KAP and the Greens. We will continue to provide you with updates as debate resumes.